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Fuchs Silkair Ice free Air Line Lubricant - 5 Litres

  • £3000

Silkair Ice free Air Line Lubricant

Fuchs Silkair Ice free Air Line Lubricant is a pneumatic tool lubricant with a very low pour point used as a lubricant for compressed air operated tools.

Reduce Compressor Icing

Air tool operations in low temperature or high humidity conditions can lead to icing problems in the exhaust outlet. The introduction of Fuchs Silkair Ice free Air Line Lubricant into the air supply line gives both lubrication to the equipment and absorbs moisture which could cause icing.

A high level of anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties are provided by the special additives incorporated in this fluid. Tests, including trials in Scandinavian winter conditions, show that the product is very successful in impact and turbo drills. Very low toxicity rating provides a high level of safety in confined spaces. The inherent low toxicity is due to the use of mono propylene glycol in the formulation. Many competitive products are based on the more toxic mono ethylene glycol.


Although primarily designed as a pneumatic tool lubricant there are many other applications where deicing, and absorption of water to prevent re-freezing, is required.


• Completely miscible with water in all proportions
• Very low pour point giving a wide range of operating temperature conditions
• ISO 32 viscosity rating allows Fuchs Silkair Icefree Air Line Lubricant to be used as a direct replacement for mineral.

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