Grease Gun 0.5m Extension Hose

  • £1720

Grease Gun 0.5m Extension Hose

Most Grease Guns come with a standard hose length between 150mm and 300mm. Due to demand we have made a longer 0.5m (500mm) hose for those hard to reach places. 


Grease Gun Extension Hose Options

The hose is made from durable 2 wire 1/4 pipe capable of 430 Bar (6200+Psi) working pressure exceeding the standard grease gun hose pressures.The hose comes with either M10 Male fittings designed for the 500g Fuchs Reiner Grease Gun or 1/8 BSP fittings for the more common 400g Grease Gun.


Please note: The Extension Hose does not come with a coupler attached these can be purchased separately.

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