Macnaught K40 Grease Gun - 400g

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Macnaught K40 Grease Gun

The macnaught K40 grease gun LEVERGUN® with 10 year warranty is a lever-action grease gun designed for high pressure/high volume greasing and can easily clear blocked or damaged grease nipples.

The macnaught K40 grease gun features a durable die cast aluminium head, a heavy gauge steel barrel and a heavy duty follower assembly to handle a wide range of grease viscosities up to NLGI No 2.

Comes complete with:

150 mm (6") rigid high pressure extension 
305 mm (12") flexible extension 
KY SUPERGRIP™ coupler.

Macnaught K40 grease gun Features

  • Rigid outlet with Supergrip KY coupler
  • Filling options: Bulk, cartridge or J3 grease pump
  • Delivery pressure up to 82,750kPa (12,000psi)
  • Compatible with 400g cartridges for contamination free greasing
  • Filler/bleeder nipple 1/8" BSP (M)
  • Fully repairable
  • Robust zinc pull handle


Delivery pressure 82,750kPa / 12,000psi
Rigid extension hose 150mm (6")
Delivery per shot Up to 1.5g
Barrel wall 1.6mm thick
Wetted parts Aluminium, steel, nitrile rubber, cork and nylon
Maximum viscosity Up to NLGI 2


10 Year Warranty

All prices shown are ex vat

Please contact for all Technical Data and Safety information documents

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