Fuchs Renoclean TFR traffic film remover - 20 Litres

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Fuchs Traffic Film Remover

Fuchs traffic film remover is a powerful low-viscosity cleaning fluid primarily developed for removal of traffic film from vehicle bodies and chassis. Fuchs Renoclean traffic film remover is a strong, low foaming blend of amphoteric and non-ionic actives combined with detergency builders, sequestrants and a special penetrating ingredient.


Fuchs traffic film remover is suitable for light duty (paintwork etc.) and heavy duty (engines, chassis etc.) use. Apply by pressure, brush or gantry type vehicle washing systems. For other surfaces, use manually or in vacuum scrubbing machines.


  • Maintains the gloss of livery transfers, coach painting and cellulose
  • Leaves no product residue 
  • Quickly rinsed away 
  • Also removes heavy grime from floors and painted surfaces 
  • Most effective with hot water but effective over a wide temperature range 
  • Contains additives to avoid blockages by scum and scale build-up, even in hard water areas 
  • Non-phosphate to retain solution stability under all conditions 
  • Low to moderate foam 
  • Low dilution - high economy 
  • Suitable for use as directed on metal, rubber and plastics and most automotive parts 
  • NOT suitable for certain transfers

Fuchs traffic film remover Mixing Ratios

Light duty: 2% - 50:1

Heavy duty: 4% - 25:1

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