Fuchs Agrifarm Chainsaw Oil Medium - 20 Litres

  • £5050


Fuchs AGRIFARM CHAINSAW OIL MEDIUM is a high viscosity, extremely tacky lubricant developed for the lubrication of pressure fed chain saws. The product incorporates friction modifiers and surface active agents to ensure maximum penetration of the chain, reduce wear, provide corrosion protection and resist the tendency to fling during high speed operation. 


AGRIFARM CHAINSAW OIL MEDIUM is recommended for use in all models of chain saw where an oil of this viscosity is recommended. Check manufacturers’ recommendation prior to use.. 


• Reduced fling-off
• Higher viscosity for larger machines and heavy duty applications
• High level of anti-wear protection
• Protects against corrosion
• Good year-round performance even in cold conditions

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