Fuchs Plantogel 2 S Environmentally Friendly EP Grease Box of 5 to 10 - 400g Cartridges

  • £3700

PLANTOGEL 2 S is an environment-friendly EP grease based on lithium/calcium soap and rapidly biodegradable synthetic esters. PLANTOGEL 2 S is water resistant, prevents from corrosion as well as wear and tear, is oxidation resistant and can be well conveyed in central lubrication systems. PLANTOGEL 2 S contains EP additives to improve the lubricant film’s pressure compensation properties.


PLANTOGEL 2 S is recommended for roller and friction bearings, and for use in wheel hubs, even if highly stressed. Furthermore, PLANTOGEL 2 S is easily pumpable in central lubricating systems. PLANTOGEL 2 S can be used where conventional greases could contaminate rivers, drinking water or soil.


· Temperature stable
· Good EP properties
· Reduces wear
· Water resistant
· Good pumpability


· MAN 283 Li-P 2-B

Shelf Life

The minimum shelf life is 36 months if the product is properly stored between 0°C and 40°C in its unopened original container in a dry place. The indication of a minimum shelf life does not include any guarantee of durability.

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