Fuchs Renolin AC 100 compressor oil - 20 Litres

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AC 100 compressor oil

The range of RENOLIN AC compressor oil has been developed to embrace a wide range of equipment maker's specifications and requirements. The products have been subjected to on-going development over many years and represent a modern approach to compressor lubrication. 

The RENOLIN AC compressor oil range is based on selected low volatility mineral oil fractions to give freedom from deposits caused by oil carry over. Inhibitors are incorporated to control foaming, oxidation and to minimise mechanical wear. 


RENOLIN AC68 and AC100 compressor oil are intended primarily for the lubrication of reciprocating piston compressors according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Both products may be used for the drip feed lubrication of gears and drive mechanisms in certain screw compressors where oils of this viscosity are stipulated by the machine manufacturers.

RENOLIN AC100 is also recommended as vacuum pump oil.

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