Fuchs Titan Gear HYP 90 85W-90 Gear Oil - 20 Litres

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Fuchs Titan Gear HYP 90

Fuchs Titan Gear HYP 90 (formerly 80w90) 85w90 Gear Oil is part of a range of heavy duty lubricants developed to meet or exceed internationally recognised specifications and classifications. Fuchs Titan Gear Hyp gear oils are available in viscosities to cover all operating conditions.

Viscosity grades available:-

SAE 80, 85W/90, 85w140 gear oil

Fuchs Titan Gear HYP 90 85w90 Gear Oil Application

Heavy duty automotive driveline oils suitable for use in final drive units fitted to cars and commercial vehicles. May also be used in certain gearboxes and industrial


• Performance in excess of UK military CS 3000B and US military MIL-L-2105B & MIL-L-2105D specifications
• Outstanding gear protection from the lightest to the heaviest viscosities
• Compatible with all seal materials used in gearboxes and final drives
• Contain the most effective extreme pressure (EP) agents available
• Excellent corrosion and oxidation protection
• Includes active anti-foam agents to reduce incidence of damage due to air entrainment during use.


• API GL-5
• SAE J306: 85W-90


• ZF TE-ML 16C, 17B, 19B, 21A (ZF000656)

FUCHS Recommendations

• FORD SR-M2C9102-A
• MAN 342 TYPE M1
• OPEL 19 42 387
• VOLVO 97310
• VW TL 727
• ZF TE-ML 07, 08

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