Liqui Moly ATF Additive (5135) - 250ml

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Liqui Moly ATF Additive - 5135

Liqui Moly ATF Additive Optimally cares for rubber and plastic seals in steering gears and automatic transmissions. Leaks on transmissions and gears, caused by hardened and brittle seals, are prevented and eliminated.

Liqui Moly ATF Additive Cleans holes and channels in the transmission and refreshes the oil’s performance. Reduces noise formation and improves the shifting in automatic transmissions. Extends the life of steering gears and automatic transmissions.

Add Liqui Moly ATF Additive to the power steering reservoir or add to the transmission oil through the dipstick. The contents of 250 ml are sufficient for up to 8 L oil volume. Suitable for steering gears and automatic transmissions that are filled with ATF II and ATF III oils.


LiquiMoly | LRT Lubricants

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