Mannol LC-2 Lithium Complex EP 2 Grease - 400g

  • £275

Universal heat-resistant anti-wear grease made on the basis of highly refined mineral oils with a thickener based on thermo-stable complex lithium soap with the addition of special anti-wear, antioxidant and anti-corrosion additives, designed for long-term lubrication of ball and roller bearings operating under high thermal and mechanical loads.

Product properties:

- Retains its operational capacities to a temperature of at least +170°C, which increases the service life of bearings;
- Forms a long-lasting, resistant to water, temperature fluctuations, pollution, lubricating film, which allows increasing the shift interval and reducing the cost of maintenance;
- Reliably protects bearings and other parts from corrosion;
- It has good thermal and mechanical stability, effectively resists oxidation;
- Meets a wide range of requirements, which allows the use of a single lubricant in most friction units;
- Compatible with most standard lithium greases; - The grease consistency remains constant during long-term storage. Shelf life is 5 years from the date of production.


For lubrication of loaded plain and rolling bearings, wheel bearings, various joints, propeller shaft joints, suspension units and other units subject to shock loads and vibrations in transport, agricultural and off-road vehicles. In trucks - in units operating under medium and high loads (axial bearings and drives, driveshaft bearings, wheel hubs, dump truck bodies, towing devices, propeller shafts, steering knuckles, lifting devices, hand brake drives, fifth wheel coupling).

Suitable for use in industrial equipment for which high-temperature high pressure grease NLGI 2 is required: foundry, vibrating, mining, roller conveyors, etc.

Observe the manufacturer's instructions in the technical manual!

Colour - Blue

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