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Silkolene Pro RG2 Grease - 500g Tub

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Silkolene Pro RG2 Grease

Silkolene Pro RG2 Grease is an advanced, high melting point, high performance racing grease with exceptional high temperature properties. Silkolene Pro RG2 Grease provides outstanding low friction lubrication and wear protection as well as outstanding water repellence, excellent corrosion inhibition properties and high resistance to water wash-off, making it an ideal choice for race and road motorcycles, race / rally cars, watercraft and even pedal cycles.


Silkolene Pro RG2 Grease is ideal for bearings and chassis lubrication and conditions of high pressure water washout. Silkolene Pro RG2 Grease is especially suited to meet the stringent requirements of competition use, including offroad, and stays in place, even under the extreme temperatures created in competition use. This highly tenacious formulation is ideal for protecting wheel bearings, universal joints, suspension linkages and seals under the most testing conditions.

Silkolene Pro RG2 Grease can be used for wheel bearings, suspension linkages, rose joints, marine applications and all general automotive greasing. Silkolene Pro RG2 Grease is also suitable for bearings, bottom brackets, steering stems and all general lubrication points on pedal cycles.

Advantages / Benefits

• High resistance to shock loads and high pressure
• Low friction
• Excellent wear protection
• Superior water-resistant properties
• Resists leaking from heavily loaded surfaces
• Low co-efficient of expansion to protect seals
• Smooth yet tacky texture
• Seals and protects bearings from contamination
• Red iridescent colour for easy identification

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