Texaco Delo Starplex EP 2 Red Lithium Complex Grease - 400g x 24

  • £7000
  • Save £500

Delo Starplex EP 2 is a high performance long-service grease, for multi-purpose use in ball and roller bearings operating under high temperature conditions, and for long-term lubrication under extreme operating conditions.

  • Automotive wheel bearings
  • Chassis lubrication
  • Highway and off-highway applications
  • Construction equipment
  • Agricultural tractors
  • Heavy-duty transport
  • General industrial greasing
  • Marine applications

Although Starplex has a very high dropping point, which enables it to provide effective lubrication at temperatures well beyond those possible for conventional lithium soap greases, extended service at such elevated temperatures requires frequent relubrication to prevent oxidative degradation of the mineral base oil occurring.

Not recommended for constant-velocity joints on front wheel drive vehicles

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Please contact for all Technical Data and Safety information documents

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